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Audi A1 8X 52mm Gauge Pod

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Audi A1 8X 52mm gauge pod

Gauge pod for installing a 52mm gauge in your Audi A1 8X dashboard air vent

Care the mechanic of your car installing a boost pressure gauge or an oil pressure gauge with our gauge holder 52mm, specially designed to get an OEM look inside de vehicle.

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Warning: Gauge and air vent not included

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Audi A1 8X 52mm Gauge Pod

Pod for installing a 52mm gauge on the dashboard air vent

It can be installed in all the vehicle air vents, both on the side and in the two central

Don't worry, the pod allows the air flow, so the function of the air vent is not cancelled

Suitable for left hand drive (LHD) and right hand drive (RHD) cars



1. Remove the air vent from the dashboard

2. Disassemble the air vent for removing the grid

3. If needed, trim the interior part of the air vent for installing the gauge. See photos

4. Replace the grid with the pod and mount all back together

5. Place the air vent on the dashboard




1X Audi A1 8X 52mm gauge pod

Gauges, air vents or other pieces shown are not included

You won't find this product somewhere else. We design, manufacture and sell to satisfy your needs.

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Data sheet

High quality plastic
Installable units per car
Gauge size
52mm (Gauge not included)

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